A Big Shot In The Imperial Palace

"Season 2: Prince Ning's daughter always wanted to find a husband who was ignorant, innocent, delicate, and home-loving. When she got married, she found her husband was totally different from her imagination. This strong man was trusted by the Emperor. He also removed her disguises one after another. Prince Rui always thought his princess consort was a gentle, quiet, frail, graceful, and timid girl until he found he was the delicate and fragile husband in her eyes... After that, he said to Zhao Guangyang who was so powerful and might, ""Honey, playtime is over, let's go home!"" Zhang Guangyang replied, ""...Okay"" Season 1: I am Wei Yiyi. I am a beautiful girl but the Emperor refused to accept me as his concubine because I was too ugly for him. This is totally unacceptable for me. I made up my mind to make him regret it. Hmph, the Emperor refused to accept me as your concubine. I will disguise myself as a male painter to the royal court so that I could make trouble for the Emperor. Is this girl too ugly? Great! She will become a national beauty in my painting. Hmm, His Majesty is in great shape. I will make an album of paintings for him, which will be distributed throughout the nation. In this way, his caricature will have a niche in the temple of fame! "


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